Socom 2 Menu Maker 1.5

Socom 2 Menu Maker

1. The original code magic manager was removed from the program and I have created one in it’s place. It allows you to load in code lists using the 1uc file extension.

2.Users are able to change the settings of how the program looks. These settings allow the color of the form to be changed and will auto load the next time the program is opened.

3.You can also open your code list straight to the code manager. And it will save, meaning after you close the program, when you go to run it again, it will remember the last code list you openened and load that the second you click on the code manager.

4.You can also preset the code list via settings.

5.For the people who don’t have a PS2 next to their PC, I have it set so you are able to ping your PS2 before hand so you can check to make sure the IP is right.