Updating to this site

I am currently in the process of moving the content from the original site to this one. It was something that I should have done a while ago but I kinda forgot about it. Well with me getting several emails about the links to alot of my programs being down due to the recent closing of megaupload. I decided I would rearchive them and move them on to this server and finally close the other site down

Taskmanager Plus v1.5 News

Well it’s been a while since I have made a post on the newest version of this program. Just so happened that soon after I made the initial release I had gotten a virus that was rather nasty. Granted this program helped me in removing it and fixing the permission to re-enable windows task manager, I realized this needed alot more added to it and some things removed.

So with that said:

What will be removed:
The gauges for the CPU meter- I feel this is un-needed in this program.

What will be added:
-Restore more rights to the user.
-OS Detection so the proper permissions will be set (they apparently arent all the same)

Task Manager Plus


Well with this little update I added in meters for CPU useage and ram useage ( though in the picture the ram useage is off)

Also moved the PC information to a tab instead of a new window. With that said on that tab for people with more then 1GB(1024mb) of ram, it will display it in GB’s instead, while if you fall under that amount you will just see mb