Setting up PCSX2 for Socom 2 and SVDL (Updated)

Why should I use PCSX2 over a Playstation 2?

Well if you already have a PS2 setup and you don’t care about better looking visuals then PCSX2 really isn’t for you. However if you don’t wish to use a PS2 anymore or can’t be bothered but would like to play Socom2 again this this would be for you. You can expect a cleaner looking game, smoother visuals and the ability to easily use custom patches / content (Harry62’s r0005 patch for instance).





The following has updated:

  • Changed the guide to use a dev build of PCSX2 1.5 (Some screenshots are of the older version but the windows / settings didn’t change)
  • Removed Xlink configuration and changed it to SVDL

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