Setting up PCSX2 for Socom 2 and Xlink Kai

Why should I use PCSX2 over a Playstation 2?

Well if you already have a PS2 setup and you don’t care about better looking visuals then PCSX2 really isn’t for you. However if you don’t wish to use a PS2 anymore or can’t be bothered but would like to play Socom2 again this this would be for you. You can expect a cleaner looking game, smoother visuals and the ability to easily use custom patches / content (Harry62’s r0005 patch for instance).





The following has updated:

  • Uploaded a new file because I forgot to include the memory card. If you download it again all you need to do is take the socomCard.ps2 from the memory cards folder and add it into your memorycards folder in your pcsx2 folder.
  • Added a trouble shooting section with some known fixes from the community that have had some issues.
  • Added instructions on installing the HDD map packs.

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