VB.NET Setting an External Program’s Title window

I have been working on making some trainers for some games and I wanted a basic way of showing that a cheat was enabled.
I couldn’t figured out how to draw to the screen so I figured the title bar would be fine.

  1. Declare Function SetWindowText Lib "user32" Alias "SetWindowTextA" (ByVal hWnd As IntPtr, ByVal lpString As String) As Boolean
  3. Public Sub SetTitleText(ByVal processName() As Process, ByVal textToSend As String)
  5. For Each proc In processName
  6. SetWindowText(proc.MainWindowHandle, textToSend)
  7. Next
  9. End Sub

The code above will allow you to set the title window to an external program.
An example on how to use it

  1. Dim notepad() As Process = Process.GetProcessesByName("notepad")
  3. Private Sub btn_Notepad_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btn_Notepad.Click
  4. SetTitleText(notepad,"Insert some text here")
  5. End Sub
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VB.NET Using a Binary File as a resource

This was something I used in order to try and keep my programs down to 1 file. Instead of including a seperate file that handled the updating, I simply embedded it into the main program. To do this all I did was make it a resource and when I needed to use it I would write it out to the root directory that the program was in.

To add a file as a resource, right click your project and click properties.

Click on the Resources tab. On the top click on strings and select files. Drag and drop the file you want to include as the resource into this window.

Click save or save all.

Now when you decide you need to use that file you can write it out to a directory then run it.

  1. IO.File.WriteAllBytes("./" & "Updater.exe",My.Resources.Updater)
  2. Process.Start("Updater.exe")
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Final Fantasy XI Configurator v1.1

Final Fantasy XI Configurator

-Added some new options
-MIP Mapping
-Environmental Animation
-Bump Mapping
-Font Quality
-Skip Intro Movie


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Taskmanager Plus FileRemoval Update

This was a feature I have been planning for some time and finally got around to working on it. Basically it will have default folders that will be in the program. These folders will be where your temp files are located. All you would have to do from here is click the clean button next to the item and it will remove those files.

You are also able to add your own folders that you wish to be included in the program. So anytime you start up the application you will get the list of folders and the amount of space they are taking up.

The design in the video isn’t what I plan on having it look like on release but it’s functionality will be the same.

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Taskmanager Plus Update v 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1

-Added the ability to stop multiple processes at once. Simple control click the ones you want to stop and click End process.
-Forms have changed, new features will be added that deal with clean up on temp files and fixing other policies within windows

If you have the program already simply click file and check for updates. It will say an update was found click yes and then in the new windows click update. Or go to the download link in this post

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FileName Cleaner



Often times I edit files and I end up with files with (1) appended to the file name. This can get pretty annoying to have to go back and clean that up. Well that’s no longer a problem now that I solved with with an easy to use program that does the work for you.

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Hardware Profiler

Hardware Profiler was something that I started about a  year ago. Due to other activities eating up my time I haven’t been able to really put work into it. As of now I finally got the windows portion of the program done and all that needs to be done is the web part.

The image below isn’t what the final product would look like, I just wanted to get it functional.
Hardware Profiler

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Basic Video Poker

Basic video poker was a project that I had to do in a C# course. I had a lot of fun making it so I figured I’d make it available.

Basic Video Poker

How to play:

It’s pretty straight forward. Choose your bet (default is 10) and click Deal. Depending what you get will determine the payouts which are:

Pair = 1x bet
Two Pair = 2x bet
Three Of A Kind = 3x bet
Four Of A Kind = 25x bet
Straight = 5x bet
Flush = 6x bet
Full House = 10x bet
Straight Flush = 100x bet
Royal Flush = 250x Bet


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Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock


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Auto Wallpaper Changer


Set time, seconds, minutes, or hours
Able to have it load when windows starts
Minimizes after you start the cycle, all you do to bring it back is goto you tray and either double click the icon or right click restore


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